Another Facade




Today we are constantly surrounded by traffic noise in any urban situation. The environmental sounds have changed significantly since the motorization and the perennially increasing private transportation. Variations of noise in terms of kind and amount as well as levels of noise have multiplied. Consciously or not, we have adapted ourselves and accepted these changed circumstances for the most part. Not until a trip to the countryside however, we become aware of the existence of the otherwise constant noise by its absence or reduction. The installation “Another Facade” brings attention to the variations of the noise level and the momentary times of silence that occur. The sounds of the flowing traffic in front of the building and on the highway, varied by the rhythm of traffic lights, are mapped parallel onto the one hundred meter long facade between Mansfelder and Brienner street, by light. The light units are mounted on the roof-edge of the building and are directed downward. They are inactive until the noise level on the street drops below a defined threshold value.


Exhibition Experimentelle Klanggestaltung im öffentlichen Raum
Hohenzollerndamm 174-177, 10713 Berlin, Germany
19 Dec 2010 – 6 Feb 2011
technical support: Kathrin Scheidt, Akitoshi Honda, Thomas Koch, Elen Flügge and Tomek Wochnik


LEDs, electronic parts, microphones, micro controllers