Terrain of a Route




This piece of audio file is an outcome of an experiment to explore the terrain of the internet through an impulse response. For this piece the result of the network diagnostic command “traceroute”, with its formal similarity to impulse response data, was obtained from accessing the website from Berlin Neukölln. It was then translated into impulse response data and used to make an audio convolution. Convolution overlays the characteristics of the particular space it originated from, onto another signal of sound, giving the impression as if this signal was reproduced within the original space and therefore allows for conclusions to be drawn about said space. This experiment offers a glimpse into the virtual space and may allow a reverse engineering experience, imaginable by the results of a traceroute command.


exhibition The House of Dust by Alison Knowles
CNEAI= art center, Magasins Généraux, (Pantin/Paris, France)
9 Sep – 19 Nov 2017


audio data

Photos © Daniela Silvestrin