Feedback, Bus




Feedback, Bus




“MobLab” (mobile laboratory) was a three-week long project involving young artists from Japan and Germany, who travelled across japan in a bus equipped with various mobile technological devices. each of the artists developed original projects, and at the same time engaged in collaborations with others while on the road, partly accessible via web logs connected with GPS systems. As part of MobLab events held during stopovers at so-called “host centers” and organized by each of these institutions, the bus functioned as a meeting point for local artists and residents. a variety of unexpected things occurred during the journey and the flexibility and imaginativeness to take advantage of these is what helped the artists create their creative mission.

Feedback, Bus by Daisuke Ishida and Ken Furudate sought to use the tour-bus as a resonance body. Eight 12 inch loudspeakers were mounted in the bus, cones directed onto the hull. Next to each loudspeaker a large metal spring with an attached piezo microphone was installed. The ratio of the resulting feedback loop was determined by touch and strong movement of visitors and artists within the bus.


Exhibition MobLab: Japanese German media camp 2005
IAMAS, NTTICC, International Triennale of Contemporary Art YOKOHAMA 2005
Sendai Mediateque, IMI, YCAM
15 Oct – 6 Nov 2005


computer, loudspeakers, amplifiers, springs, bus

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